Advanced Checks

Advanced Checks

Default checklist item can have only two statuses: checked and not checked. Some situations however call for something more – like multiple check statuses to choose from (eg warnings or errors) or storing custom values (eg meter readings or providing quantities). FltCheck handles those scenarios easily with Advanced Checks.

Simple vs Advanced Check

By default each new checklist item you create is a Simple Check, meaning it can either be marked as checked or unchecked. This is what you are familiar with if you’ve been using any checklist or to-do apps before. And it’s enough for a lot of simple scenarios.

This is how simple check works:


In some scenarios you may want this behavior to be more elaborate. Let’s say there’s a check that has more than two possible outcomes Or maybe you want to provide some custom data to be stored with check status? Advanced Checks are the way to go in these situations.

Advanced Checks

Advanced Checks in FltCheck can take two forms depending on how you want users to input check value during checklist run.

First, “Select value from the list” is a check when user, well, will have to select a value from predefined list. This is for creating checks that have more than just two potential results/statuses or if you want to define other statuses than just checked/unchecked.

A simple configuration of such check can look like this:


Then, running checklist – user when trying to complete this check, would have to choose one status from the predefined list:


Other type of check is the one in which user is required to provide some value on his own, depending on some external condition. For example, when refueling the plane – you may not only want to check the fact that it was done, but also note how much fuel was taken. Configuration of this check will look like this:


And in the checklist, it will behave like this:



Working on current Advanced Checks implementation our goal was to keep it open and flexible to fit in a large number of scenarios our users are dealing with. If you have any specific requirements that are not met with current implementation or would like to get some more information on it’s details, please contact us at and we’ll work it out with you! As always, we’re here to help!

If you don’t have a FltCheck account yet, you should definitely go and check it out at

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