FltCheck overview: checklists for aviation professionals.

Does your daily routine involve going through multiple procedures? Have you ever wasted time trying to figure out the procedure for getting a landing permit in some lesser traveled airport? Tired of constantly printing out the same checklist (not even sure it’s still up to date)? If any of these scenarios sound familiar – then FltCheck is for you.

FltCheck is an app to help you go through routine procedures in a more efficient manner by combining checklist functionality with customizable templates, ever growing templates library and ability to work in teams.


Most processes you deal with on a daily basis can be boiled down to simple checklists. It’s a convenient way of laying out a process so it’s easy to follow and control the progress.


At it’s core FltCheck offers functionality similar to leading checklist apps, but we’ve extended basic checklists concept with additional features like advanced checks, rich item descriptions, documents and attachments handling, team collaboration features and timeline tracking.


Checklist templates are what makes FltCheck shine. Different than in regular to-do checklist apps, in FltCheck you can create checklist templates – which you and your team can later reuse as many times as you want. Also, it makes it easy to improve them down the line or make updates if any procedures change.


Templates can be shared within teams, so if you’re working in eg flight support company, you can create checklist for whole your staff to follow (and control checklist completions and timelines).


Templates are really useful for your internal processes or procedures you go through often enough to bother with creating templates for them. But there are scenarios in which your own templates are not enough.

Do you know what is the procedure of getting overflight permit in Togo? How to get a landing permit in KRK? Wondering how does most up to date pre-flight procedure for Boeing 737 look like? For users that stumble upon this type of questions facing procedures they perform for the first time or too rarely to remember (or keep up to date), we’ve created Templates library.


There is a good chance that someone has certain procedure mastered and shared with community. So facing a new procedure, you don’t need to spend hours researching it or redicovering the wheel – you simply look up Templates Library. Our library is constantly growing to cover new procedures, so keep an eye on it!


You can’t estimate the importance of efficient teamwork and communication in our industry. That’s why we’ve added team collaboration features into the mix.

It all starts with sharing checklist templates you choose with your team or organization, so everyone can follow the same procedure every time they need on their own. Then actually running a checklist – you can assign specific tasks to people, follow chosen checklists or comment on and discuss checklist items with your team.


Every user can belong to multiple teams, so if you’re working with bigger organization or different teams, this is a convenient way to organize your work.


Control and accountability are important in every industry, but in aviation maybe even more than in others.

FltCheck supports these notions by keeping a full archive of checklist runs. At any time you can go back to the checklist performed on any given date and review it.


Also, every action done on a checklist in FltCheck is logged and forms a checklist timeline that can be reviewed. Not only this makes it easier to review your own or your teams work, but also gives great visibility and insight that can translate to improvement of your processes.


We’re constantly working on improving and extending FltCheck functionality to make it a perfect go-to tool for aviation professionals. We keep extending Checklist Templates library, polishing existing features and adding new ones such as documents handling, mentions, new advanced checks etc.

We are a small, responsive and user oriented team, so if you have any feedback, questions or feel like FltCheck is missing the mark on something or would like to cover some unusual scenarios, please get in touch with us at support@fltcheck.com and let us work together on delivering a perfect tool for you!

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