FltCheck mobile for iOS

FltCheck mobile for iOS

We’re happy to announce that FltCheck mobile app for iOS has just been published in iTunes app store. Since today it is available for free to all FltCheck users that wish to run their checklists on the go.

Mobile version of FltCheck was one of the most popular requests we’ve got. And we certainly see why: movement is at the core of aviation industry. Pilots, flight attendants and support crew are always on the go and it quickly occurred to us that a browser based web app simply won’t keep up with everyone.

So the FltCheck mobile was born. In it’s first version it gives access to all the Templates associated with FltCheck account and ability to run Checklists. Obviously it also gives ability follow through any of the checklists already running, even if started in different session (eg on the web).

Running checklist, you can perform both Simple and Advanced checks, display comments, assignees and documents. What’s more – you can also upload new documents, also by simply taking photos with your phone.

Ability to take photos with your mobile and attach them as documents in checklist items opens up many interesting possibilities (for example quickly attach photos of receipts and documents on the go).


FltCheck mobile automatically synchronizes with your account – so anything you’ll do on mobile will be available via web version and the other way around. For example receipt photos mentioned above, as you upload them using your mobile or tablet will become available for others in your team right away (so they can start processing them).

Speaking of teams: FltCheck mobileĀ  – just as web app – supports teamwork. This means you can collaborate with other Team members using web or mobile app in real time wherever you are.

Having launched the first version of mobile app, we keep working on extending it’s functionality. Our main priority at this point – as per popular request – is support for offline mode, so you keep full functionality of the app without Internet access, syncing data with main account after you regain it.

If you’ve already got FltCheck account, please head to the iTunes App Store to get your mobile app to go with it. If you don’t have FltCheck account go and get one and then get the mobile app.

As always, we’re open for you comments, feedback and questions at support@fltcheck.com We’re here to help!

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